Saturday, October 9, 2010

Girlfriends Conference 2010

For this entire weekend I'm attending a Girlfriends Conference at my church and I'm being truly blessed! I love men just as much as the next woman but it's a joy to be surrounded by your sisters and Christ and be having a good time. Our first lady opened up the conference with an amazing sermon. She preached on why women are so unhappy and a few of the points hit home.

1) Give Me a Break. We as ladies don't take enough time out for ourselves and then get me mad when we don;t get rest. It's okay to sit down and kick you feet up for a little bit. Your husband, children, boss, friends, etc. will be just fine while you're getting some rest.

2) Stop Your Stinkin' Thinkin'. We think negatively so we are negative. It's so much easier to be negative then to be positive but we have to fight against nature and gain positivity. We must realize the importance of our thoughts.

3) Watch Your Mouth. Since our words become reality so quickly we have to watch what we say. Make your words work for you!

S/N: Even though the message was aimed at women, fellas feel free to apply these lessos to your life too.

Scriptural reference: Luke 10, John 15, Phil 4:8

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