Sunday, September 13, 2009

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1...BLAST OFF!!!

10 Things I Wish I Could Say To 10 Different People
**I was 2 seconds from putting the people who I wanted to say this to, but I figured it would defeat the**
1. I'm not nice when I'm annoyed, so please don't annoy me.
2. I'm just waiting for you to ask because the answer is yes.
3. Your actions made me lose a lot of respect for you.
4. It's not too late for you to change.
5. The life you are living is taken you down a road that was not meant for you.
6. Stop trying to be someone you are not, your fakeness disgusts me.
7. I don't want your man because if I did he would be mine already. (Forgive me Lord)
8. Your dependence on everybody but yourself boils my blood.
9. You don't have to run anymore, we're your family and we love you no matter what.
10. Just give it up because it is not worth your salvation.
9 Things About Myself
1. I have no filter on my mouth, as soon as I think it out of my mouth it flows.
2. I connect with males better than I do females.
3. I hate relationships but want to get married.
4. I have the mindset of a 33 year old.
5. I have visions of things that always come to pass that same day or a couple days later.
6. I want to record a song in a professional studio.
7. I learn songs as soon as I hear them.
8. I consider my brother to be my father because he was there when my father wasn't.
9. If I have children I want all boys.
8 Ways To Win My Heart
1. Just be yourself (trying to be overly macho will have you seeing the back of my head as I walk away before you remember my face good)
2. Be able to sing me to sleep.
3. Be able to show some emotion (I have no problem with seeing a guy cry).
4. Treat your Mom and the females in you family like queens (that is a direct representation of how you will treat me).
5. Be truly rooted in God (nothing attracts me more than seeing a guy who is not afraid to give God some genuine praise).
6. Don't suffocate my personality with yours.
7. Be able to kiss so good my socks come off (even if I'm not wearing any).
8. Be an intellectual and thirst for knowledge constantly.
7 Things That Cross My Mind Often
1. Jesus when are you coming back?
2. Why am I such a loner?
3. I need to lose some weight.
4. What a much better world it would be if everyone was as real as me.
5. God give me strength.
6. Hmmm I think I'm a racist, since I can count on one hand the number of white people I like.
7. Some of these college chillrun need their butts beat!
6 Things I Do Before You Go To Sleep
1. Oil my hair.
2. Brush my teeth.
3. Listen to music.
4. Go on Facebook.
5. Talk to my Mom.
6. Put a bandu on my hair.
5 People I Couldn't Live Without
1. My Mom!
2. My Siblings
3. My Aunts
4. My nieces/nephews
5. God
4 Things I'm Wearing Right Now
1. Multi-colored bandu
2. Obama shirt
3. Sweatpants
3 Songs That Fit My Life Perfectly
1. "Woman Like Me" by Beyonce
2. "I Am Ready for Love" by India.Arie
3. "You Never Let Me Down" by Marvin Winans Jr.

2 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Visit Africa.
2. Live in a different country for at least two years.
1 Confession
Before I am 30 I want my whole left are full of tattoos that pertain to music.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From the depths of my heart

The temps say "Papa was a rolling stone, where ever he laid his hat was his home" but what if my Papa never stopped rolling long enough to make a home where we could become one and be one family unit. When Papa divorced Mama he also divorced us kids and now we have chosen to divorce you.
There is no need for lengthy court proceedings or Johnnie Cochran-esque lawyers because it's all a mutual agreement. You don't call me and I don't call you, now every body's happy (well at least I am). Since I refuse to do things I don't want to do:
No I didn't show up to your wedding to a lady who I was never properly introduced to because I didn't like the bride or the groom.
No I will not speak to you when you call, Mama taught me not to speak to strangers.
No I can't see myself respecting what you say because my Mom and Dad are embodied in one person, you're just extra.
I'm not sure why you don't understand where this is coming from. You brought this on yourself!
Yes I am pissed when I didn't get a call on my birthday but instead an annually late card.
Yup I am confused at how you and my Mom were married but I still feel like I was raised in a single-parent home.
Of course I am enraged that you sat back in your weak state and allowed my mother to raise us to the best of her ability and then you want to criticize how we were brought up.
Don't mistake my passion for hate. I would actually have to acknowledge your existence to hate you. I don't so I don't...from the depths of my heart.
*disclaimer* My father and I recently reconciled, but this was on my heart and can now be released in love*

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Ode to Chocolate Brothers (A Calandra Original)

I have seen a surplus of fine chocolate brothas lately so I had to drop a few lines to express my appreciation. India sings it best: (please open in a new tab)

There is something about chocolate skinned brothers that attracts me to no end. Whether they have no hair, dreds, or a high top fade, seeing their smooth skin is the highlight of my day. Their skin reminds me of slightly melted Hershey's chocolate smooth with a little bit of gloss. Lawd Jesus don't let them have pearly whites to match. The white color of their teeth contrasted against that skin, constantly sends my whole world in a spin. I can only imagine chocolate colored Kings and Princes in the Motherland, commanding tribes with a spear in hand. I think I have seen the light, but ironically it is dark. If they say light skin is in then I want to be out, because without a doubt dark-skinned brothers are the finest people out. This is my dedicated ode to chocolate brothers all around the globe.