Friday, May 15, 2009


As I poured over the happenings of my week I focused on one word : change. Vibe to this as you read my thoughts:
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Do you know how to measure a change? It's when you can recognize yourself responding to issues/problems in a completely different way. I have been praying for change for a long time but I personally did not see it. I didn't see it because I was not being tested in it. Recently, I received a text from someone I had a falling out with and hadn't spoken to in months. The text was dripping with immaturity and sarcasm. I could have responded to it in an equally immature way and stooped to their level but something in me just said "let it go". OMG(oodness)!!! I cannot believe that I didn't respond. Insert *change* here.
It's such a wonderful feeling to acknowledge and embrace change. No longer am I stuck in the past with my insecurities or hurts holding me back. Change is something that most people run away from. Everyone gets comfortable in their stagnant positions and are annoyed when something comes to rock the boat. If people were more open to the fact of change , then when it comes it wouldn't be such a shocker. Liberation is key and I desire greatly to be liberated from complacent people who are doing nothing with their lives. Like a caterpillar that has just transformed into a butterfly; I am breaking out of my cocoon and allowing God to truly change me.
3 things that I embrace openly: 1) Everything happens for a reason. *If it's bad I try and learn from it*. 2) Some relationships are not meant to last forever. *You don't really see how bad a relationship,be it friendship or intimate, is until you remove yourself from it.* (last but definitely not least) 3) Change is GREAT. *Change has opened up so many new doors and opportunities for me it's unbelievable.* That's all for now...